Monday, May 30, 2011

Swamp Head Brewery

Gah, I can't help myself - I have to blog about Swamp Head Brewery before it gets into the Gainesville Sun.  There's a scoop to be had!

There have been microbreweries in Gainesville; recently, Land Shark Lager (based in Jacksonville) became a state-wide available beer.  But, this is the first locally-brewed beer to be distributed in Gainesville, and that's a big deal. 

Haven't tried it, yet, but I know you can get it at Tasty Buddha at Millhopper (this links to the original one on 16th ave.), and I will be sure to look for it at Ward's.

Okay, before anyone corrects me on this, this is great because it is locally brewed, not because it is locally produced - the ingredients still come from a far away (probably Nebraska) state, so for it to be truly locally produced it would have the ingredients grown here, as well.  I'm just sayin this for the record; I could almost not completely care about that fact, but it is something to consider when we consider locally produced foods.

Picture swiped from the Swamp Head Brewery website.
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