Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Week Hiatus From Blogging and Other Internets

In order to complete my thesis for the final time (this is my second go-around) I am taking the advice of my ADD coach (yes, I have one of those, now, to help me through this wall I've seemingly hit at 40+ years of age) and taking myself off the information autobahn for two weeks.

Eschewing all online activities for two weeks is going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done (and that includes writing a thesis) and of course that means no blogging instead of thesis writing; I've done this in the past with the rationalization that at least I'm writing, even though what I'm doing is feeding my ADD scattered-ness. 

Will be back in two weeks or so and am already planning a new feature, "Because You Googled It," where I look at the search terms folks use and research them - it's like having a living, breathing Google to answer your environmental questions!

Speaking of which, please check out the many fabulous links on this blog to access lots of great information about environmental issues and other stuff - What We Need Is Here: Our Local Life is my favorite local blog on the Hoggetowne Links, but they are all wonderful.  Another great resource is Ask Umbra on Grist (Grist is also pretty great all-around, btw).  At the top of the front page there is a feed to DK GreenRoots posts on Daily Kos - all well-worth your time and effort for in-depth commentary on environmental issues.

Well, that's it.  Thanks for your patience and continued readership and look forward to blogging at AE again in about two weeks!

Got this hermity pic from Puerto Vallarta Journal
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