Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KFC killing forests in North Carolina

Gah, I want this on a t-shirt.
Just finished reading Jess Zimmerman's "Even an adorable child can't make KFC eco-friendly" on Grist, and watched the accompanying video, first posted at Change.org ("Fourth Grader Takes on Fast Food to save Forests" by Margaret Swink).  The upshot of it is that Cole and his friends and family drove all the way from North Carolina to Kentucky to give them 6k in letters pleading with the fried chicken magnate to stop using wetland forests along North Carolina's coastline for their snack wrap wrappers, just to be given a couple of 5-dollar KFC gift certificates and a pat on the head (ostensibly they were given the last, since they wouldn't let the folks from Dogwood Alliance come in with their cameras as they filmed the trip for a short documentary).  I loved Zimmerman's response from the Grist article when talking about the vouchers which are "probably printed on paper made from North Carolina trees. Thanks, Colonel, you dick."  HAHA, the colonel is a dick!  But really, the colonel has been dead for a long time (since the 80's; just ask the Old Man, who dormed with a scion of the KFC dynasty). 

I'm disposable!
Here's a photo I took at the KFC drivethru when I went with the fams to get some chicken one day in January of this year.  They're apparently trying to do some environmental things, like creating reusable plastic containers for their side dishes.  We had two of them and immediately lost everything except one of the lids.  But, you can also frame this as why the hell are they using plastic that a lot of people will probably just throw away rather than take the trouble to reuse?
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