Friday, May 06, 2011

There is only one thing I miss about not having a microwave

We got rid of our microwave over 6 months ago - it was an old Goldstar that we had gotten when we were young and still living in sin, from Pic-n-Save when they were still in business.  So, I think it was about...18 years old when the plastic door finally disintegrated and we hauled it to the toxic roundup site.  In its place I decided to get a cheap toaster oven from Big Lots.  It takes a little planning and if you're suddenly really, really hungry and want warm food, it's not great for that; I also have to forgo warmed-up coffee if I let my cup sit for too long.

But the thing I really miss about not having a microwave is not being able to throw scrubbies in for a minute to kill off smelly bacteria; our scrubbies are smelly, now.

Not having a microwave has had a positive effect, however, on our eating habits - we don't buy as much convenience food that has to be microwaved from the freezer. 
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