Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother Earth Mags for Mother's Day

The Old Man and DJ got me three Mother Earth News magazines for Mother's Day, which is really nice.  So far, however, DJ seems to be the only one reading them, but at least one of us will be well-read on organic gardening.  The one he was looking at last night was MEN Guide to Growing Your Own Food, and every so often he'd chime in with, "oh, look, it says that you should have a mini pond in your garden area to encourage frogs and lizards..." - he's been bugging us for a garden pond since forever.  Then, he showed me this hilarious looking gadget called Nite Guard, saying it would scare the crap out of coyotes and wolves (DJ was polite enough to not actually say the word "crap" but trace his finger over it while reading the advertisement to me).  He thought it would be good for scaring racoons and possums, since we don't have wolves and coyotes in our neighborhood, and he's convinced the racoons are to blame for messing with our green pepper plants (why do racoons always get blamed immediately for this stuff?  Is it the mask?).  So, our conversations of late have been mostly about gardening and that's perfectly fine with me.
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