Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chico Bags Bag Monster Costume Video

Valentine's Day is for LOSERS

Happy Feast of Aphrodite and harambe! (No, harambe isn't a holiday, it's Disney-speak for "Welcome!"). (That is wrong; Harambee means "Let's work together" in Swahili).

Oh my gosh... it's been so long since I've posted. So long, in fact, that when I saw the number of followers it had increased, like, 30%.

I'm unemployed right now, which is pretty much the only reason I have time to blog. I'm also mixed up in other shenanigans which I won't get into, here -- but besides looking for a new job I've injected my presence in a couple of different directions; one of them this weekend is the Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival, taking place at the Hippodrome State Theater and other locations in town (here is a link to the movies, times, and locations) this weekend.  I was not really a volunteer, although I got to hang out with the director who is really cool and did a couple of canvasses and promotions, one of them using a plastic bag monster suit made by Chico Bags.  It was heavy and hot! Thank goodness it was kind of chilly at the time.  It makes a very striking statement when you enter a biergarten and proclaim that the outfit you are wearing consists of the number of plastic bags the average human consumes each year.

I'll have the video in a bit and will upload (the bag monster was one of Cinema Verde's intrepid and courageous volunteers).

More stuff to talk about but I need a laundry break (one of the many household tasks that have gotten out of hand during the last three years).

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cinema Verde

Going to Cinema Verde's Green drinks movie night.  They're showing American Made, about the economic importance of local businesses - duh!  Here's a link to the Facebook event
If you're in town please come out for this event!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Long time, no see! Or, why I've been absent

I've been neglectful of my least-neglected blog, but that's about to change; I lost my job after three years and I'm back on the market.  Probably not for long, but in the meanwhile I'll start the blog(s) back up.  In the interim I've gotten a studio where I can work on sewing, environmental outreach, and podcasting.  A trifecta of goodness!  I'll post more about what I've been doing (or not doing) for the environment.  Seè you soon!  Remember, I'm also on Facebook so please like the page!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

USA Shoemaking

The Wall Street Journal had an article in their Marketplace section on Monday (July 14) about how shoemaking is getting a "foothold" in the US (get it?).  There might be a paywall and therefore a dead link, but the gist of it is that Merchant House International, who was part of the movement to offshore the US industry to Asian countries, is starting to shift some of its manufacturing back to the states.  Shoe manufacturing in the US accounts for about 2% of a 1.7 billion dollar market.  Why move back to the US?  A demoralized workforce ready to accept lower wages?  More right to work states ready to give manufacturers a huge break shouldered by American workers?  A little bit of this and many more reasons?  I'm skeptical that this shift benefits Americans even at the same time that I'm glad some shoe manufacturing is being re-developed - maybe Converse will come back and I can buy a new pair of Chucks and not feel like a traitor.

More than this, though, I feel like we should probably shift our focus towards technology manufacturing - don't get me wrong, Americans still need shoes, but we could be targeting manufacturing concerns that require skilled American workers who have a chance of elevating themselves to the middle class because the pay is better.

And, more than even this, I need more coffee.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Update on Venus swim bra

I just got a reply on an old post I did about the Venus swim bra

The commenter said the bras are actually made in Germany and India and they resell used items as new.  I plan on following up on this claim, but first I wanted to update on the bra itself.  

When I first tried it on, it seemed way too small for a DD size, but in the year or so since purchasing the bra I've lost some weight.  It now kind of fits ( I have the sizing problem where one breast is larger than the other) and I'm able to wear it without a cover-up.  Before, I would wear it for support but always underneath a swim shirt; now I can wear it by itself and not feel like I'm going to spill out all over the place.  

I still think Venus sizes them too small, though, and a DD is really D, if not a large C.  I will also update when I find out more about this claim that Venus does not actually manufacture their bras in the United States, slo stay tuned.