Thursday, March 27, 2014

Me Undies

Digg was giving out a coupon for 30% off Me Undies, a rather simple selection of men's and women's underwear and accessories.

I'm still on the lookout for US-made clothing items, especially underwear, and I've recounted my woes on this issue here and here (I'll update later with links, because mobile blogger is limited in things like hyper linking).

But Me Undies, at least the boy shorts I want to get, are made in Turkey. I'm still looking into this, so don't quote me.  When, oh when, will I find an online concern that sells American-made under garments?  

Incidentally, I just made another purchase from Maidenform and I've detailed my Eco-guilt on this company in the blog previously.  I just like their bras and underwear, even though it's made in China and they've closed up the factory in New Jersey.  One if these days I'm going to rant about the choices one has if they want to buy American-made undergarments.