Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chico Bags Bag Monster Costume Video

Valentine's Day is for LOSERS

Happy Feast of Aphrodite and harambe! (No, harambe isn't a holiday, it's Disney-speak for "Welcome!"). (That is wrong; Harambee means "Let's work together" in Swahili).

Oh my gosh... it's been so long since I've posted. So long, in fact, that when I saw the number of followers it had increased, like, 30%.

I'm unemployed right now, which is pretty much the only reason I have time to blog. I'm also mixed up in other shenanigans which I won't get into, here -- but besides looking for a new job I've injected my presence in a couple of different directions; one of them this weekend is the Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival, taking place at the Hippodrome State Theater and other locations in town (here is a link to the movies, times, and locations) this weekend.  I was not really a volunteer, although I got to hang out with the director who is really cool and did a couple of canvasses and promotions, one of them using a plastic bag monster suit made by Chico Bags.  It was heavy and hot! Thank goodness it was kind of chilly at the time.  It makes a very striking statement when you enter a biergarten and proclaim that the outfit you are wearing consists of the number of plastic bags the average human consumes each year.

I'll have the video in a bit and will upload (the bag monster was one of Cinema Verde's intrepid and courageous volunteers).

More stuff to talk about but I need a laundry break (one of the many household tasks that have gotten out of hand during the last three years).