Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Bloomberg article about clothes donations

One last thing about clothes dumping before going to bed: Bloomberg has a recent opinion piece on the ramifications of no longer being able to donate clothes.

Article about clothes dumping

Was talking about this a week or so ago in reference to not being able to donate clothes and other household items bc of Covid-19; all of the thrift stores are closed. And this is the result: Clothes dumping - this is going to become a hygenic disaster if thrift outlets don’t take action - for crying out loud, some of the larger operations (looking at you, Goodwill) could set out a dumpster for people to dump their stupid clothes for the time being.

Stasher Bag

See, this is why I will never be a successful Internet Influencer for environmental products - the new wonderful “Pure Platinum Silicone” Stasher bag, ostensibly to be used for storing and cooking food; I am using it for my herbal smoke pouch. Got this at CVS for 10 dollars, and they had two larger sizes that were more expensive. I thought it was a bit prohibitive price-wise, but check it out: this bag is an accidentally environmental product to play with and consider adding to your kitchen storage options. You can boil in this pouch, put it in the dang oven for pete’s sake, microwave it or use it as storage in the fridge or freezer. And it’s dishwasher safe. As long as you are careful to not puncture it, these pouches would be a super way to cut down on packaging. Link to the website.