Thursday, December 29, 2011

Clean the World

When I was at the Florida Democratic Convention this past October we were supposed to have a soap drive for Clean the World, where delegates could bring their leftover soap and shampoo to donate to this organization--which recycles and sanitizes the soap to give to folks in third world countries where personal hygiene is an issue--but I never did find the collection center (I also forgot to bring the leftover shampoo).  As you know, I've been washing my hair pretty consistently with apple cider vinegar and baking soda, so have not had need for shampoo.  I was also given some expensive Body Shop shampoo by a friend but decided that it didn't do much for my hair so I still have that sitting around. 

Anyway, I had kind of forgotten about Clean the World until I was at The Body Shop to use a Groupon (went during a sale and cleaned up!) and while I was talking to the sales clerks I suddenly remembered Clean the World.  They were excited and intrigued by the idea and maybe The Body Shop will partner with Clean the World.  Hey, maybe I should write them a letter.  I am kind of curious about if they would support this type of effort.  Who wouldn't?  It seems like a great idea; recycling soap and shampoo to help people with basic hygiene to prevent communicable diseases that are possibly fatal.  Here's a chart from the website:

Global Health Statistics

Major Causes of Death in Neonates and Children Under Five in the World

Of course, since clean water is also an issue in many third world countries, doesn't this defeat the purpose?  I just don't know.  I'm going to think on this a little more and might even try to get Gators for a Sustainable Campus on board with doing a drive for these folks.  Not sure, because I have lots going on right now with a new job (!) and need to put whatever extra energy and time I have into keeping family ties and concentrating on school.