Saturday, December 10, 2011

Year of Living Dangerously Slow

Haha, I like that title!  Anyway, was looking for a recipe for slow cooker black beans (which I found here - yes, I even need a recipe to cook black beans) but while I was lingering on the page I noticed the author put a link to a chart for the energy consumption of different household appliances, and thought it would be a handy thing for the blog.

We've gone for almost a year without a microwave oven.  I miss having one (our old one finally broke and after taking it to the hazardous waste dump decided not to get a new one).  At first there were good reasons not to have one - we were eating too much convenience food, facilitated by having a microwave, so getting rid of the microwave solved a lot of over-eating and wasteful package consumption.  The other reason was maybe not so good - microwave ovens have always seemed kind of creepy to me, so I thought I was somehow being more environmental by not having one.  But, after substituting the microwave with a small toaster oven, I'm starting to see that maybe microwaves are more eco-friendly in that they use less energy to heat food, they're convenient for re-heating coffee, and they kill bacteria on scrubbies, giving them a longer use life (I did an Accidentally Environmental Experiment where I boiled the scrubbies and it was a complete mess and really yucky).  So, I think we're going to get another microwave oven and I learned a valuable lesson that eco-friendly does not always mean giving up something that is weird like a microwave oven.  The end.
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