Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just wanted to quickly update that BOROUGH FURNACE (I feel like I have to bold their name everytime I use it, now, to get rid of the mistake I made the other day calling Borough ______ [I don't want search engines to get this confused!]).

Anyway, very nice exchange with these folks:

I need a cast iron skillet where my eggs won't stick (phooey Lodge) - when can I buy one of your pans?



Info Info
Dec 19 (2 days ago) 

to me

we should be up and running early in the new year. If you haven't
already, sign up for the notifications on our contact page. We'll be
letting everyone know as soon as orders open up. We'll get you cooking
eggs ASAP. Happy holidays!

Jason Connelly

Dec 19 (2 days ago) 

to Info 

Yay! Thanks for getting back in touch! Happy holidays to you and everyone :)

God bless us, everyone!

So this is, I believe, going to be my birthday gift that the fam can get for me - all I want for my birthday are fried eggs that don't stick to the pan!  Yahoo!
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