Sunday, December 18, 2011

Borough Forge

My new skillet.  Eventually.
I think it's called Borough Forge - wait, let me check (I actually bookmarked it)...Nope, sorry, it's called BOROUGH FURNACE!  Ignore the title (no, I am not changing it I am feeling extra is hard enough to lift my fingers from each key in succession).  Anyway, even though I should be sleeping off the rest of this cold I am writing about Borough Furnace because they are going to start producing cast iron skillets.  I sent them an email minutes ago.  I said, "I need a cast iron skillet where my eggs won't stick (phooey Lodge) - when can I buy one of your pans?  Sincerely, Michele."  Nice and succinct.  You know these artisans, though - they'll write back when "they're in the mood," or when "the muse calls," or whatever.  I just want a cast iron skillit, demmit!  I saw a review of the skillet on Serious Eats - apparently they were doing a Kickstarter campaign and raised 130%, prolly because of the review - and followed the link to the website.  The cool thing about Borough Furnace, besides the fact that it is made in America and by craftspeople who hopefully know their stuff, but the pans are made from "upcycled scrap iron."  That's pretty awesome.

Swiped the photos of the skillet and the logo from Borough Furnace; the photo of the pan because I figured people wanted to see what my new pan will look like, and the gif logo because it is cool and annoying at the same time.
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