Friday, April 17, 2020

Unsalted Butter for baking

I know there are probably a kajillion cooking sites and channels that tell people to use unsalted butter in baking to reduce the overall amount of sodium. I know this, okay?! Can’t I just make the observation - okay, two observations - about butter?

The first is, if you do use salted butter in a recipe that calls for salt, just omit the salt because the butter already has 90g of sodium per tablespoon for goodness sake, so why would you add more salt on top of that?

Is that too naive or facil? I thought it was rather astute as I used my last stick of salted butter to make cookies today.

The other observation about butter is that Land O’ Lakes brand finally stopped using the Indian maiden on its packaging. I’m not going to call it iconic, the image has always been an affront to indigenous peoples, and its about time they stopped using a charicature of an American

At least they didn’t promote this little bit of cringe from the 70’s:

Happy Friday!

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