Thursday, May 26, 2011

National Bike Month Media Ops in Gainesville, May 31st 2011 at noon

Hey all you local citizens and/or bloggers of Hoggetowne!  Mr. Batey, coordinator of the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAP) for the City of Gainesville, sent me a comment on the original post about National Bike Month, so I thought I'd break out of my hermitage to spread the link love:

The City of Gainesville Bicycle/Pedestrian Program announces a media conference to closeout National Bike Month for Gainesville, Florida on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at noon. The event will be held in front of the Alachua County Library Headquarters downtown location.

Also featured will be a ribbon cutting for the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) “Bicycle Repair Station” pilot project structure and the results of a bicycle vs. car “Commuter Challenge” race involving Gainesville Mayor Craig Lowe as the cyclist and University of Florida Police Officer James Thomas, former bicycle officer, cyclist and recent Alachua County Commission Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) appointee. Local and state groups will be on hand to provide bicycle related information and updates.

Link to event flyer:
Web Page link
Or visit directly: + I WANT TO + Learn About + Bicycle/Pedestrian Program

For more information on "Bike Month" and bicycling information, please visit:, or contact Dekova Batey, Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Coordinator, at 352-393-8493 /
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