Thursday, May 05, 2011

A post about Farm and Forest Festival 2011

Blurry spinner and blurry, cute, pioneer girls
Finally getting around to updating on the Farm and Forest Festival at Morningside.  Here are some of the photos - auto flash is a pain in the butt because if it doesn't go off you get the beautiful natural lighting the cabin provides but everything is so dang blurry.  Anyway, Gus was supposed to be whitewashing a fence for the duration (I think they were charging kids a nickle to paint the fence, get it?) but then he just starting running around and fighting other kids with sticks so I think the people running the booth were probably ready for him to skedaddle as we say in the 1870s.  The Old Man, bless his heart, got stuck at the corn booth, where they were boiling corn in the wood stove vat they usually use for the Cane Boil in November.  He said afterwards, "if they had just let me chop some wood, it would have been great..." always wanting to keep working on his strength building, you know.  He stuck it out and the corn was very, very popular.  The secret?  You boil the corn in the husk and it comes out super, super sweet!
Merald at the schoolhouse

Charlotte and Junior Naturalists taking a break

Cute Hello Kitty girl using butter paddles
Biscuits!  Butter churn!  Potatoes!
I was on kitchen duty, mostly washing dishes, but got to eat a lot of the great biscuits they make at the farm, and got to churn butter in an actual churn - some of the little girls who wandered in with their folks got to help churn it so that was fun and then one little girl was brave enough to use the butter paddles to smoosh out the excess buttermilk before putting it in the crock (see the picture).
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