Monday, May 09, 2011

Picture of my bike and me in a helmet

So I was posting on Friday about Angry Black Lady's helpful reminder to "put your damn helmet on" and I made the promise to wear one all the time from now on, not only on her blog but right here at the AE.  So here's a picture of what my bike looks like right now - it used to be a fairly nice looking Gary Fisher until I stuck a bunch of stickers on it and added the most voluminous panniers I could find for 5-dollars at a garage sale.  But I get about 2 full Publix bags of groceries on my bike with them so for short trips to the market it's a great ride.

I asked the Old Man yesterday to take a picture of me with my helmet on, to prove that I am wearing my helmet and to demonstrate just how dorky it looks.  I was on my way to the HQ library to pick up an AR (Accelerated Reader) book for DJ - he's reading constantly on his own, now, just not the stuff he should be reading for school. Oh well.
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