Monday, July 04, 2011

Your Fourth of July Super-Patriotic Thing: Go 60 mpg

I haven't done an Environmental Patriot post in a few years so thought I would post about a cool project that Sierra Club is doing to petition for a 60 mpg standard for cars in the US.  It's a spectacular idea and I would certainly sign it immediately.  Sign it, share it on FB and the Twitter Machine, this is important stuff - at least for me.  So, if you don't want to sign it for the environment or the little creatures the scamper or swim about, do it for me.  I worry.

Oh, SNAP!  It's not some regular fail petition, neither!  It's a some kind of photo petition where you have to get out your camera or cell phone, use just enough energy to point at something and take a picture.  Then you have to email the dang photo and THEN sign the petition:
  1. Snap a photo of the reason why you want 60 mpg.
    • Thumbs down at the pump — because you can't afford to fill up so often.
    • Your fuel efficient car — because you have high standards, and your car should too.
    • You holding a sign with your own reason — because there are so many reasons to Go60 mpg.
  2. Email your photo to with the subject line: "I want 60 mpg because..."
  3. Sign the petition to show your support for strong vehicle fuel efficiency standards - 60 mpg by 2025.
  4. Tell your friends!
Send us your photo!
We will collect the photos and deliver them with your signatures to President Obama and other key decision makers at the EPA and Department of Transportation to show them it's time to set a strong, 60 mpg standard! The images you submit will put a face on this issue - a face that cannot be ignored.

I'm sorry, that's just too much work. What? You think I should do it anyway because I always say I'm a "super-duper patriot?" It's true! I do always say that about myself, but I'm also extremely lazy and short-sighted. Whatever, man, that's my motto. I like to think of it as being more Zen than lazy, actually.

Oh, okay. OK! Geez, stop it, already - I said I'd do it!  Will post with an update - if you post about this on your blog, send a link and it will encourage me to actually do an update and post it along with the update.
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