Thursday, July 07, 2011

Accidentally Environmental Thing: Zippo Lighters

Area with circles is where sparks come out.
Son DJ helped with this post, and right now he is all about Zippo lighters after seeing his first one today while at a friend's house.  After thinking about it, I realized that Zippos are an Accidentally Environmental Thing!

First of all, every part in the Zippo lighter is replaceable.  They come in a whole dang lot of styles going from denim-covered lighters to concealed lighters in pretty eggshells. Zippo lighters have been around since 1933 and are made in the USA.  Finally, they are guaranteed for life, like the Jansport backpack - "It works or we fix it for free."

If you are going to buy a Zippo be careful if you have small children because they do not have a safety device because kids can easily pull back the striker because there is no child safety device and even when you do it sparks will fly in different directions. So be careful that you don't get burned.
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