Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gainesville Sun's Ron Cunningham comments on his blog about Republican bike vs. truck race

Ron Cunningham is a true-blue green patriot because he is a dedicated Gainesville cyclist and a great advocate for the rather large bicycle culture in town.  He weighed in briefly on the recent Alachua County Republican Party-sponsored "race" between a truck and a bicycle:

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad Stafford Jones and Alex Patton don’t ride bicycles. First, they’d almost certainly hurt themselves, and we’d never hear the end of it. And second…Alex, seriously, nobody hauls lumber on a bicycle. That’s  dumb as…well…dumb as wood.

THANK YOU, Ron, for validating my point that no dedicated green patriot worth their salt would attempt a lumber carry on a bicycle without the proper equipment!  Alex Patton also responded to this post with a nice letter that took offense that Ron was skeptical of Patton's ability to ride a bicycle.  I think everyone should be questioning the logic of a cyclist who would carry a 2x4 on their bike without at least a trailer.  Very impractical, Alex.
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