Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Need-a-Bag Update (Welcome to Need-a-Bag)

Oh my gosh -- it's been two weeks since I've said "boo" about this. Okay, I've been asked by DG to make this an introductory post, so here goes. If you were wondering, Need-a-Bag? is a project which is the dreamchild of my friend (here named DG for "Delicious G") and is simple yet dastardly in its execution -- oh, wait, that's her plan to take over the world. Never mind.

This project (and now we are forgetting about any plans to take over the world) has to do with the simple concept of enticing shoppers at our local farmer's market to use reusable tote bags for their shopping needs instead of plastic grocery bags which we all know are hurting the environment. So, we go to thrift stores and garage sales and find those ubiquitous throw-off promotional totes that you get at conferences, bank openings, and dubious other proffering opportunities, and we wash them and give them out at the farmer's market. Oh, and we also buy old tank tops, sew up the bottoms, and give those out as "T-totes." We have a drop box at the main entrance for people who have the wherewithal to actually locate bags they don't want or need to leave for us to wash and then recycle at the farmer's market.

We've been doing this for almost a month, now. If you click on the "Need-a-Bag? Project" link you will see the previous posts about said project. Last week was where we began to see progress -- when DG went back to the farmer's market to pick up the bags, sign-age, and drop box, she happily reported that there were only, like, four bags left! Dang! We had to get moving, so we purchased a passel more, made more signs, and flew back into action this weekend with renewed vigour.

I haven't received an update on our endeavors at the end of this Saturday's farmer's market excursion but, while helping DG set up before the opening, noticed an increased interest in the project. The new signs helped and a frequent farmer's market shopper handed us four bags he had extracted from his closet for our endeavor. Our first deposit! Thank you, masked project-helper.
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