Monday, November 05, 2007

Bicycling to Two Schools

Today was the day -- the old man took DJ to school in the car and I picked him up with the ride-along from campus. On the way home (after spending about 2 hrs at the park) we went through the Hogtown Creek Greenway which was pretty cool and ran into some friends of the family which was also really cool. I only walked one hill and it was the one that the greenway exits onto on the 16th Avenue side. Next time, however, I'm going to stay on 8th Avenue. There's that one monster hill and then the rest seem like cake.

The only thing that was a hassle was not remembering to bring snacks for the little guy, who was a mess by the time we reached 16th avenue and 13th Street, so we ended up spending 4 clams at the Buck of Stars. But the ride the rest of the way was a lot quieter, so it was worth it.
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