Thursday, September 08, 2011

Super Duper Summer Update 2011

It's a sick day here at the AccidentallyEco-compound - DJ is here, as well, and we're just rolling around the house being sick but thought I'd take this opportunity where we are doing absolutely nothing to post on some of the things I've been doing or re-doing.

Composting - started doing this activity again after about a 6-month hiatus.  This time it's going a lot more smoothly as in, I'm not leaving compost containers in the carport to rot after I've left them to rot in the kitchen for too long.  I'm actually dumping the kitchen clippings in a timely fashion and being a little more brave in throwing other woody/leafy matter in with it.  I'm also over the whole stir-the-compost thing and just letting it layer, occasionally stirring if I have something especially stinky (like onion fragments) that I want to bury immediately.  Still haven't made the second compost bin but I think I'm going to drill larger holes in this one so I don't have to drill so many - had in mind originally that I'd make DJ and Trooper (his best friend up the street) do the drilling - power tools and 9 year-old boys?  What could go wrong?!  But they were all like, 'meh,' so I'm going to do it myself, dang it.

Vinegar and Baking Soda Hairwashing - I've been pretty consistent with this since I restarted back up last summer with only a few instances where I used shampoo - tried a Body Shop brand of shampoo and conditioner that a friend gave me but it did not work for me, so back to bs&v.

And my head feels all fuzzy so that's all I got for now.
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