Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Heard on Wind 95 that Labor Day is the "day we take off from work to celebrate working."  I'm not working so much as I'm doing school work today, but I also thought I'd update and apologize for being so slack the past couple of weeks - beginning of DJ's new school year and my own have made me less available for blogging.  And so the new school year madness begins.

Been thinking about labor in terms of my recent "made in America" rants; I really wish Americans had more jobs but I wonder if my tactic of bringing manufacturing jobs back to our country is really such a good idea.  I would like to refine my dream of bringing American jobs to the US by qualifying that to mean "clean" jobs, jobs that don't create tons of pollution like in the classic industrial model.  That may be asking for the moon, but if we focus on green jobs we can make a difference.  And Robert Reich (see this video from The Last Word) has been talking about a return to WPA-type jobs (since about 2009) as well as McKibben's idea for a Green Corps (link to a Nation article from 2008) and these are definitely steps in the right direction.

Update: Added link to Nation article and Reich Video from MSNBC's The Last Word
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