Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Ugh Pan

I've blogged quite recently about my woes concerning beloved babybear cast iron skillet and here I am again to confess my shame because I am a secret eco-masochist (okay, not so secret!).  About two weekends ago I made eggs in babybear and this is the result: caked on, burnt egss.  I have never, ever, had such a bad response to cooking in this thing!  Despondent at this development, I then proceeded to ignore babybear skillet and make bagels and cream cheese for the next two weekends - needless to say, farm-fresh eggs are not so fresh anymore in my fridge and they have been stocking up to the point where I need to make many quiches for neighbors, soon, or else!  I don't want to know what the "or else" will be (probably more easter eggs next year - ew.) so this morning I decided to take action.
Cleaned pan after egg mishap

About the same time as I was complaining about my cast iron skillet, I got a comment from Paul Wheaton (tangentially related to Wil Wheaton [I don't know what I just said]) who hipped me to the fact that this is an ongoing point of obsession with many, many people. In fact, this fellow Paul Wheaton wrote a lengthy and thorough rant about using cast iron skillets and, apparently, there is an entire school of thought related to how one cares for their cast iron skillet. It hurt my head to try wrapping it around this mind-blowing revelation, but maybe you can have better luck with it?  Anyway, since I am a visual learner, I chose to instead to watch this video that I also found on, Mr. Wheaton's homesteading website. Caution, it's 9 minutes long which is an unreal amount of time to watch ANYTHING on the internet, but it's really, really worth it! The lady in the video is really cool and if I had a self-cleaning oven (with a purple ceramic top!) I would have a better time of seasoning this thing.

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