Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Kickstand

I've reported on this great organization in the past (here and here) - now I'm actually volunteering with them.  I'm mostly doing their Facebook and website updates, but now I'm acting as a greeter at the tent they have set up at the Union Street Farmers Market on Wednesdays.  It's really fun!  And, my favorite bike mechanic, DD, decided to lend a hand, as well, so it was extra fun!  Met the wonderful organizer, Raj, and bicycle mechanic Alex, as well as a whole bunch of new people who needed their bikes fixed.  And no one gets turned away, even if they can't give us a couple of dollars for the bike mechanic work.  And it's kind of scary because The Kickstand needs to make at least 10-dollars a week because that's how much the tent rent is.  If you live in town and have some extra parts, tools, or a couple of dollars to spare, please consider visiting the tent - or just come by to say hi!
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