Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Kickstand Helping Hogtown!

On one of the few times during the summer when I read The Independent Florida Alligator in its dead-tree edition, I stumbled on an article that I was not only glad to read, but thought I'd swipe for the blog.

The Kickstand (featured in the Hogtown Links section of this blog) is an independent organization that helps people learn how to fix their bikes and does educational gigs around the city's public school system, teaching kids about bicycle safety and the value of wearing a helmet. They were featured in an article in today's Agitator, for their work with UF graduates to repurpose some old bikes they bought from the UF campus surplus, the deep abyss where all abandoned bikes and cars go when they're left on campus for too long. At around $5 a pop, the old bikes were refurbished, to be given to area residents who can't afford their own two-wheeled transportation. This is the kind of stuff that people go to heaven for, I think.

I've railed in the past about bike mechanics, but The Kickstand is one of those selfless, local-yokel organizations that makes up for every snarky mechanic in this god-forsaken bike town. Thanks Kickstand, thanks good-samaritan college students, and thanks to the Agitator for putting this on the front page!
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