Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Super Summer Update

There are going to be sooo many changes soon! One of the biggest is that I am going back to school! The Department of English at the Home of the Florida Gators has seen fit to offer me a teaching fellowship so that I might get a Masters in American Literature. And I accepted! That means, as of July 23rd, I will no longer be a library assistant at the university. I will be something else entirely. I'll have to change the "About Me" on the blog.

The other big news is that I have decided to put my blogging skillz to good use -- yes, even better than this blog! I have "adopted" Senator Bill Nelson of Florida as my senator to track as he comes up with a position on the Climate Bill sloshing through the Senate right now. This is all part of my participation with the DailyKos GreenRoots bloggers. I've been working with the NNSL Communications Committee helping to get the word out on Daily Kos about Netroots Nation in Second Life this August, and fell in with a great group of green bloggers. These people know what's the happity-haps about all this climate change stuff going down; I feel humbled and honored to help with their efforts to bring strong legislation to our nation, our children, and our children's children, to stem the rising tide (bad pun) of global climate change.

You can help by subscribing to my posts on DKos, where I blog as "sewenviro" and then, when you see a post come up, please rec and comment!
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