Sunday, August 09, 2009

Limited Edition Gator Tony Danza Underwear

I had some leftover orange t-shirt material from the Limited Edition "One Less Car" Underwear I made last October, but that's the problem with using t-shirts for your undwears; when you get the pair with the image on the butt-part, you get bored with the rest of the fabric.

Then, the other day, I remembered my friend, Bren, was doing freezer-paper stencils with her kids, using fabric paint to make the designs on their t-shirts. Always a follower when it comes to Bren's idears for these crafty projects, I bought some freezer paper but never did anything with it, until last weekend, when I went to Kitty-Buttons stencil site and printed out a Tony Danza stencil. Because who doesn't want Tony Danza on their underwear? And it's in Gator colors, no less! Dadadada! Go Gators!

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