Friday, June 15, 2007

No more tears because no more shamps!

Righ now I'm experimenting with using no shampoos. DG and I were discussing baking soda and vinegar on your hair instead of shampoo. With DJ (Dude Junior) at the g'rents for a visit today I thought I'd give it a try (and if I didn't have a child, who knows what fool things I would attempt on my own).

I googled "washing hair with baking soda and vinegar" and the top link, a blog called, was probably the most helpful. I followed their directions using baking soda first and then an apple cider vinegar rinse and, well, my hair is taking about an hour to dry so I can't really say if it's working. I closed the drain in the tub so I could guestimate how much water I would be using for the whole wash (it came to roughly one gallon) and the the thing I noticed that the rinse water after applying the baking soda paste to my scalp was really icky. No, I mean REALLY icky. And not just baking soda and water icky. Okay, I've made my point. The vinegar wash was fine and not too stinky -- I actually don't mind the smell of vinegar.

Here is a webessay about the process.

Well, my hair's dried a little more and it seems a bit dull. Well, I'll keep doing it and see what happens.
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