Tuesday, June 12, 2007

JanSport rocks

Like I said in the previous post, I really don't like hawking products but I really got to just pause to praise JanSport. JanSport backpacks are reasonably priced and they have the added advantage of coming with a lifetime warranty if they break during normal usage. Twice (for two different packs) I've had to call upon JanSport to make good on their warranty and I'm here to tell you-- folks, they came through. The first time was with my briefcase/messenger bag that I've had for years and the side pouch zipper got all funky. I sent it to them and within two weeks they had sent it back with not only the side pouch zipper fixed, but a new main compartment zipper and new zipper pulls for both. The second time happened with a pack I bought but then never used and passed onto a friend who wore the hell out of it until there was a huge hole on the right. I sent that one to JanSport and they said they couldn't fix it but then replaced it with a brand new pack that was even bigger!
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