Tuesday, March 08, 2011

10-Dollar Compost Bin x2

So, I reported on my first compost bin a while back (most pertinent posts are here and here) - it cost about 10-bucks at the Walmart because it was a cheap trash can with a locking lid that I drilled a bazillion holes in, cut off the bottom, and stuck it about 6-inches in the ground.  Last year we had to move it to make way for a second raised-bed garden plot, and the Old Man was able to find a new place for the compost bin.  So, after a respite of about 6-months, I've started composting again.

Now, it's become apparent that you need at least TWO of these 10-dollar compost bins in order to be successful in your composting.  Also, some sort of implement to churn the compost in situ would help.  But, anyway, so I need another bin.  That's my next project - I'm not able to do anything right now but hopefully by this weekend I can get started on a new one.
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