Thursday, June 19, 2008

Super-Duper Summer Update

It has been awhile since I posted anything about the various projects I've been working on, in an effort to live more lightly. Here are some of the results so far:

Weaning from Deodorants:
This has been a struggle. The Lush deodorant bar DG got me for Christmas is still in use, but the red rash under my arms continues. It doesn't hurt and it's not itchy so obviously I haven't been that concerned if I'm still using the deodorant bar. And, I've finally gotten use to the smell -- of the deodorant bar, not my B.O. The yucky, feel-like-spit sweatiness of the season is upon us, but so far I haven't noticed my smelliness that much. I had to come into work early this morning and forgot to use the bar so ended up spritzing myself with a rather expensive perfume sample my friend Paul had given me. But I smell damn good.

Weaning from Shampoo:
I haven't used baking soda and apple cider vinegar in a few months -- still using the Lush shampoo bar (also a Christmas present) and interspersing that with Head and Shoulders because it's convenient. I wash my hair maybe 2-3 times a week and the shamps bar is still going strong. Halfway through June -- can it make it to this Christmas???

10-Dollar Compost Bin:
Can somebody please explain to me what one does when the bin fills up but you still have kitchen scraps to throw in? Haven't gotten there yet, but I'm close. Also, as you continue to fill it up and the junk turns into delicious, nutritious compost, just when can you start using it? Doesn't it take, like, 3 months to be useful? It has been fun stirring the compost every so often and seeing the stuff percolate into a beautiful black mass. Ultimately, however, I think my design was flawed in that I buried the bin instead of leaving it whole and kicking it around the yard once in awhile. This is what my friend Brenda's sister did and, in retrospect, it seems like a better plan than turning it with a shovel every so often. I might make another can, but the thought of another hour drilling holes into the thing is just not that appealing, right now.

Diva Cup:
Wow, what can I say? The Diva Cup has changed my life for the better. Proper placement and sometime-leakage are still issues but I'm just not that phased by that stuff, as evidenced by my skank-ass underwear collection.

Will post more updates as they come to mind.

Got the picture for my next compost bin from FrostCall, which additionally has a link to the DIY Urban Compost Bin, courtesy of the Crumley Family
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