Sunday, June 29, 2008

Need-a-Bag? project update 06.28.08

Note: The Need-a-Bag? project was created to promote sustainable bagging at the Hwy 441 Alachua County Farmer's Market each Saturday morning. We supply reusable tote bags reclaimed from thrift stores and garage sales. The Need-a-Bag? project also utilizes old tank tops as tote bags by sewing up the bottoms (these are called t-totes). We invite you to read the other posts on the project by clicking the "Need-a-Bag? Project" label at the bottom of this post.

We put out 27 bags last week, as part of a rather sizeable boon from a lovely woman at Junior League who heard about our project and kindly donated a TON of bags for our efforts. Thank you, so, so much! According to DG's mom (who was given the bags), this N-a-B? project Angel has also been donating bags during the market days, leaving them on the fence for shoppers before we arrive. It it hadn't been partly for her intervention (as well as any other anonymous donors we may have missed) last Saturday, we would not have had the 2o bags we were able to put up for shoppers.

And, as people ask more about the project, I try to interject that the bags are always free, but we ask that people return them as they get dirty, so we can wash them and shoppers can reuse them. That, or course, implies that people can actually remember to bring them back, one of the big ironies of the Need-a-Bag? project.

Anyway, the Need-a-Bag? project will be one-year-old this October (here's a link to the original post about our first adventure at the farmer's market), and DG and I started talking about the possibility of doing some sort of one-year anniversary celebration. Because, anything that started as a simple concept, to provide reusable tote bags at the saturday farmer's market, and has lasted for a year deserves some sort of recognition. But, more importantly, the people who have become supporters and allies should be especially recognized for their efforts. So, maybe we'll do some sort of pizza party at Satchel's or Buddha Belly close to Halloween.

Picture of Gator Transcendental t-shirt from Satchel's t-shirt collection
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