Monday, June 02, 2008

2008 Hogtown Homegrown Eat Local Challenge Ends

I reported awhile back that Hogtown Homegrown's 2008 Eat Local Challenge was happening during the month of May and that DG was participating. She is one of the most diligent eat local people I know (well, okay, I don't that many eat local people but she would be at the top of the list, I'm sure) and I know that she went all out to win big prizes at this thing by eating exceedingly local throughout the month of May.

The challenge culminated with a kickball exhibition game at Westside Park this past Saturday. Now, if the kickball game alone did not draw me out of my hidey-hole like a magnet, it was definitely the "Name the Locally Grown Vegetable or Herb" quiz which I took and totally aced (because I KNOW my vegetables and herbs). But more on that later.

There were a lot of fun people at this thing and Stefanie, the host of Hogtown Homegrown and of the challenge, said in a very confident way that next year's would be even bigger. I believe her; she's that kind of leader.

Anyway, more about kickball. It is a little-known fact that I totally rock at kickball, so the people who chose me to be on their team did not expect to get a ringer to help them win. And win we did, oh yes. The one thing I have found in this sport, however, is that wearing Crocs while trying to kick or run is both an impediment and possibly a danger to yourself and others. More than one Croc flew off of feet during the execution of the game, with at least three instances from my own pair. One player's Croc flew farther than the ball he was kicking -- I thought that the Croc should count as a projectile and immediately be considered "in play," especially if said Croc falls near third basepeople who are getting bored. I was, unfortunately, alone in that consideration.

After the game everyone gathered to hear the results and see who won. DG, of course, was a winner and received a gift certificate for "The Perfect Gift." She also got a Hogtown Homegrown tote bag, as did anyone who participated in the event. The tote bags were hot, and made me wish I had least filled out the form and fumbled around in my own little way over the month of May -- c'mon, a free tote-bag?! I could eat local more diligently for a free tote bag.

Alas, a Hogtown Homegrown tote bag was not fated to be mine but, like I mentioned earlier, I totally aced the quiz and was one of the lucky acers to receive a GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM THE FUTURE! Yes, I won a free bag of citrus from citrus season. That's okay, I can wait a year for a bag of tasty citrus! After the prizes were given out we had a little snack on local foods -- DG brought an awesome peach and blueberry pie with a pecan crust that was really amazing.

It was a fun outing and if there are free tote bags involved I will definitely participate next year. I really appreciated Stefanie's enthusiasm for helping people recognize the value in eating locally, and her hope that the month of May in Gainesville would eventually come to symbolize an important month for food with the HH Eat Local Challenge.

We definitely need more of these seasonal milestones to help remind us that there is a time and a season, etc. To everything, turn, turn, turn! There is a season, turn, turn, turn! Okay, I'll stop that, now. Will update with photos!
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