Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nike True Confessions, Part 3: Where I reach acceptance of my deed and move on

Okay, so I have to stop beating myself up about buying a pair of Nikes. They are SO DARN COMFORTABLE. And, as has been ranted on before, none of the sources for non sweatshop apparel carry athletic shoes. When I say "athletic shoes," I'm not talking about the NoSweat sneaker or the Blackspot sneaker. Those are Chuck rip-offs and about the only thing they're good for athletically (as reported by the old man) is weightlifting. In addition, from experience, the Blackspots I own are pretty damn uncomfortable. And that aforementioned, venerable old staple of the counter cultural wardrobe, the Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, are also made by Nike now, by the way. You cannot win.

Wait, I'm wrong--you CAN buy non sweatshop athletic shoes from Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art. And they're pretty cheap, too. Like the Chucks and their imitations, however, they look more like casual sneakers. I'm NOT justifying buying the Nikes! Okay, maybe a little bit.

DG and I have a running conversation about sources for things like athletic shoes and underwear. One of the sites I like to visit often is Sweatshop Watch, and they have a "Shop with a Conscience: 2007 Shopping Guide" that has a lot of resources for buying non-sweatshop clothing. While looking at the guide I found Union House, an online resource for all union-made clothing items. For men. So, if DG wants to get non-sweatshop undies she might have to opt for this:

Not Victoria's Secret; more like, Your Crossdressing Great Grandmother's Victorian Secret. I've really got to make some more underwears very soon.

Anyway, so I'm kind of moving beyond the whole Nike thing. I just want good shoes that will let me run without getting shinsplints.

Photo of the athletic shoes from Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art
Photo of really ill-fitting underwear (at least on a mannequin) from Union House
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