Monday, May 12, 2008

Bags, bags, and more bags

Friend of Need-a-Bag? project (FoN), Stacey, read that we were going through a dry spell with baggage and came forth with linkages of hope:
Pinktentacle has a blog post about the Japanese-produced brassiere that folds out into a shopping bag. Has some good statistics about how much our friends from the Land of the Rising Sun use plastic grocery bags--they apparently love them as much as we Yanks do!

Chrisjob at Curbly links to a zillion sites where you can find free grocery bag patterns. Just wanted to highlight these, though:

Morsbags is a cool website that offers a free, oh-so-simple pattern in either Word or .pdf -- I like how they encourage getting a bunch of friends together to make these -- "hey, gang want to come over for a margarita and make a reusable grocery bag?" "You bet!"

And click here for the Flickr pool of all the bags people have made through the Morsbags project. It goes on an on for pages and pages, but you can obsessively click through them at your leisure.

Wisdom of the Moon is going to get some "link love" from me (and thanks to Tracy Glomski for that groovy phrase), not only because she has the quintessential simple pattern for making these (with gusseted bottoms, no less) but because this is cool-ass DIY blog.

Mind you, this is not a hint to people that they should start making their own bags or anything -- heavens, no! DG and I are still on the case; I think that eventually we'll make some of the bags we give away, like with the t-totes (the tank tops with the bottoms sewn up). Awesome -- thanks, Stacey!

Got the photo of the bra/grocery bag from
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