Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sierra Club Quizzes

Brought into right relationships with the wilderness, man would see that his appropriation of Earth's resources beyond his personal needs would only bring imbalance and begat ultimate loss and poverty by all.
--John Muir

So this is why I like the Sierra Club website: They have the John Muir online exhibit, which features a "John Muir Quote of the Day," as the one above.

Here's a letter I just wrote to the general information address for Sierra Club:

Hi, I like the Sierra Club quizzes that you post on the website every so often -- they really keep me on my toes! I especially like the one about bicycles. Is there any way you could put them all together on one page, like a sort of "environmental university" sort of thing? People could take the quizzes and get green points for what they answer right -- then they get some kind of accolades after they complete all of the quizzes -- they graduate with a green degree!

Thanks, that's my suggestion!


I just so totally lied. I hate the quizzes on the Sierra Club website. I looked for the bicycle one, because, you know, I really, really hate that one especially. I found it -- it's on a separate page called "How Green is My..." I could come up with a few choice bad words to put next to that, but I won't because that's not how I roll. Or, maybe it is. I haven't quite decided that, yet.

Anyway, so going to HGIM... will put you into contact with some of the most annoying "green" quizzes ever. Try them! That's probably where the poor person at Sierra Club who answers stupid emails like the above will probably direct me. Here's the link for the "How Green is My Bike Ride?" one. They give you an "out" where you can go directly to the answers but I think it should be mandatory to do the quizzes, because the annoyance factor just skyrockets when you get the answers wrong. "Somebody didn't do so well on the 'How Green is My Bike Ride' quiz," you might be saying. And you would be right.
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