Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Which I Confess to Buying a Pair of Nike Running Shoes

Maybe the 5 people who read the AE on a regular basis have noticed that I have not posted anything in about a week. That comes from the summer conundrum of having a life or just blogging about having one. Going to the pool with your child, or trolling the blogosphere for blogging fodder. It also comes from doing something I thought I would never, ever, catch myself doing: Buying a pair of Nike running shoes. New.

I debated about whether or not to post about this and decided it was right and ethical to do so. It might also assuage the immense guilt I feel right now.

See, I've been running pretty regularly (ran my first 5k at the beginning of this month) but have been using gym trainers, so went to Lloyd Clark's for my first pair of actual running shoes. This place is great because it's probably one of the last places where you can get actual salespeople to help you and not run away when you advance with a questioning look on your face. The salesman (I think he was the owner) was so nice and helpful -- I must have gone through almost 15 pairs of shoes. I really wanted these shoes to be the perfect fit.

We're getting down to the last 5 pairs, and he pulls out a pair of Nikes. I don't want to seem like a pinko hippie by refusing to try them on, so I do. And they're really comfortable. "No, no," I think to myself, "I cannot like the Nikes. No Nikes." And then try on three other pairs of sneakers. Then I try on the Nikes, again. Damn. They're like little angels on my feet.
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