Sunday, June 29, 2008

Modest Swimsuits: The Next Summer

Got the bug to look for another modest swimsuit pattern; the impulse happened later this year, mostly because I have the Delta Burke monstrosity I bought last year. I reported last spring about my trials in finding a new swimsuit, which resulted in a hellish trip to the mall and the hurried purchase of the aforementioned yuck-suit. The photo to the left is the pattern I just purchased from Fashionably Modest Patterns, one of many, many sites dedicated to modest dress for women. I have never, even when I had the body to do it, worn a bikini or other revealing suit. I do not understand the desire to bare one's body in public, especially now that I droop and sag in places that require things like skirts and high necks. So this year is the year I give away the Delta Burke, third-world produced garment, and make my own suit. I will be adding the cap sleeve option to this pattern and definitely the shelf-bra option. And, no, I will not be photographed in the suit for another blog post; some things are better left alone.
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