Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bathing suit hell

Dang it -- me and DJ have started going to pool again and I washed my bathing suit for the first time after being in the sock drawer all winter. When it was dry I was about to put it in the swim bag when I noticed that it is falling apart. It has a hole, and is getting that white-hair stubble from the old elastics in the fabric. Oh, and a bunch of thread-bare spots. I was first like, "why is this happening?" and then I realized my suit is 16 YEARS OLD! And the sad thing? My body shape hasn't changed for the better in all that time.

So, we're about to leave to get the Old Man a new suit and me a new bathing suit (he's eyeing a sexy little RL number). I've already gone to the evil MalWart and Targete with no success (DJ did get a cool toy out of the ordeal, however). Now I'm off to the mall.

This is stupid and insane. Bathing suits are just too damn expensive. I've been looking at making my own suit but have certain needs like tummy and top control. Here is a sampling of what I've been looking at:
  • Candle on the Hill makes a pattern for a modesty suit which is very appealing to me (I hate walking around half-nakid) but the sizes only run to a 14. Sigh. It's a really nice pattern.
  • Paragon Patterns has a high-neck one-piece which is also a distinct possibility. The nice thing is they are multi-size patterns, have instructions for a shelf bra, and give boy-leg options. If I could put cap sleeves on it I'd be set.
Update: We got back in the early afternoon -- I was completely exhausted from that place -- I hate the mall!!! Went into the first store I came to (Penney's) and got a hideous Delta Burke creation, but it has a skirt and will be functional for the summer. I'm still going to make a suit, though, just to assuage the guilt from buying a bathing suit probably produced in a sweat shop somewhere in Asia (I'm even too guilty to look at the tag). I noted that my old suit was union made.
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