Friday, March 11, 2011

Smart Glove (Video)

Conductive thread on thumb and index fingers
Okay, here is the smart glove, my new work gloves.  Got the idea from a book called Switch Craft.  You have to use metallic conductive thread which I found on Sparkfun Electronics for 19.95 + shipping.  I even made a video to go along with this post, my first, so you can see how it works.  Then I planted my two new banana babies that I got in the mail yesterday.  They're Ice Cream banana trees, and I'll be planting these two by the air conditioner (my friend Bren told me a long time ago that planting bananas over your air conditioner is a classic Florida way to keep your air conditioner shaded in the summer) - it apparently saves electricity or keeps the air conditioner unit from frying, something like that.  
Actually, it's kind of chilly today so I need gloves!  Perfect timing.   This is probably going to be my big Christmas gift this year since I've got a ton of thread, now.  The next pair will probably be some work gloves I make out of my old jeans, the ones that ripped on me 10 minutes before class the other day.  But that'll have to wait a bit.  My thesis?  Oh yeah, I got to finish that today... 
Ice Cream banana trees
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