Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tiny Texas Houses

During our need-a-bag romp this morning, DG told me about Tiny Texas Houses. The name is as it suggests -- they are tiny houses being built in Texas. Above is the 12' x 20' Victorian-style cottage. It is actually larger than some of their offerings. Here is a link to a page with just pictures and some explanation of their business.

And get this -- they use 95% recycled materials in the contruction -- the only stuff that's new is electric and plumbing.

How much space does someone need? That seems to be the question begging to be answered by these houses. Now, I can see a bed and breakfast buying up one or two of these to use as additional rooms to rent off the main house. But, could you see yourself living in one of these? I don't know if I could, but they sure are pretty darn cute.

DG and I got to talking about Tiny Texas Houses because I was sharing my wish/daydream for a writing shed in the backyard, for when I reach my dotage and DJ has left for college (and both will probably happen simultaneously). My idea was to have a simple shed with one or two walls made just from screen, and a loft for sleeping. There is, apparently, a Tiny Texas House that comes with a loft, and that would be perfect, but in the Florida weather I really need some screen to let a breeze in every now and then. Plus, I could install a solar attic fan to draw up air. DG's idea was to buy a plot of land and put 4 or 5 Tiny Texas Houses on the property, one for living, one for writing, one for guests, and one for parties. It would probably cost about the same as one McMansion (TTH's cost between 35-55k).
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