Thursday, February 14, 2008

Environmentality at Disney and National Wildlife Week

Okay, this is quite a paranoid day for me but you'd think, after hunting around on the WDW website like a caterpillar and then having actual contact with a human being from Environmental Initiatives at Disney that, in the course of all that, I would have found this website on the WDW company website, called Disney's Environmentality. No mention of it on the FAQ, the nice woman at Disney said 'boo' about it. But I found it, quite accidentally, while I was looking around the Disney corporate website. It has a nice little streaming video of ol' Walt in the early 60's talking about the concept of "conservation" for National Wildlife Week.

National Wildlife Week? A Google search found that National Wildlife Week is celebrated annually during the first or second week of Canada. Oh, and the Yukon.

So, Mr. Disney is talking about National Wildlife Week in the 1960's, and as you know, Disney Co. is about as American as Jambalaya and jazz, so where did NWW go? Here is an explanatory blurb from the Canadian Wildlife Federation:

NWW is celebrated each year during the week surrounding April 10th, the birthday of Jack Miner, one of the founders of Canada’s conservation movement. Proclaimed an act of Parliament in 1947, NWW is a time to celebrate Canada’s natural heritage and play an active role in conservation.

Obviously, if I'm finding all this stuff about the "Environmentality" at Disney on their website now, after screaming about it on the blog for months, I'm kind of a dunder-head to begin with, but now I'm finding out about a national "week" in the U.S. that I've never heard of before. Passing strange. I might have to employ my super journo-powers and investigate.

Jiminy Cricket is the spokestoon for Disney's Environmental Initiatives, har.
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