Monday, February 25, 2008

National Wildlife Week

Contacted National Wildlife Federation again today to reiterate my request for more information about National Wildlife Week in the U.S. Here is my message:
Hello, I emailed about a week or so ago about what National Wildlife Week is and a little bit about the history of NWW or at least some resources I could go to for more information. I realize that with other responsibilities it might not be possible to get back to me right away. Please let me know if you received my last email and if you are working on an answer, are stumped, or just too busy right now to answer. Thank you very sincerely.
I also did the same with the Sierra Club. The national group has been slow in the past about getting back to me about membership issues, so I'm thinking this is more of the same and will wait another couple of days to hear back. Here is the email I sent them on 02/19/08:
Hi, I've been doing research on National Wildlife Week in the U.S. and have not really come up with much. I know they celebrate it annually in Canada, and President Clinton designated a week in April for NWW in 1997. Is there any national hoopla about it and I'm just missing it? Any places you can point me to for information would be appreciated. Just for disclosure's sake, I'm blogging about this right now and wanted to explore the issue a little more in depth. The link to the blog is in the sig line. Thanks for any help you can give.
So, if you've been following my more recent obsession with Environmentality at Disney,
where I discovered that Mr. Walt Disney himself was yelling about National Wildlife Week back in the 60's, you might be asking yourself, why is this such an issue?

This totally tops Earth Day, that's why! It's a whole week, after all. You could put all of these environmental causes like habitat destruction under one, big eco-umbrella and spend a whole week yelling about it like Mr. Disney.
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