Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Down to My Last Krishna Lunch

For those who don't live in Hoggtowne, Krishna Lunch is about as "Gainesville" an activity as you can hope to find, right up there with rootin' for the Fightin' Gators!

The Krishnas have been in Gainesville for many years and since 1971 have been serving the ubiquitous "Krishna Lunch" to starving college students on UF's Plaza of the Americas. Used to be, you could just go up there and get lunch and maybe you could give them, like, 50-cents, for an all-you-can-eat vegetarian extravaganza of karma-free victuals.

In the past few years, however, they pretty much demand a $3 donation for their food. As well they should -- people griped when they instituted the higher price but you get all-you-can-eat and drink for $3! Where else can you find a deal like that, especially on campus?

So, I buy the punch cards -- as noted above, you only save $1 dollar with the $20 card, but with the $30 card you get a whole free lunch. I bring my own lunch kit -- a rectangular tupperware container, a washcloth, and a fork from the house that I don't mind losing. They give you back 25-cents if you do this, but I always just put it back into the Krishna coffers. This is the only food venue in town that I have been bold enough to bring my own eating ware; it inspires me, however, to try to do this at other places.

I reported awhile back that I was going to go to McDonald's and demand a Happy Meal in a tupperware container and reusable cup. Of course I never got the nerve up enough to try that, but I think there are other places in town where I could broach the idea and not be looked at as a lunatic. An old hippie, maybe, but not a lunatic.

Oh, that mischievous little Krishna!
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