Monday, February 18, 2008

Eco-Moms article in the NYT

When I saw my ever-elusive friend, Hil, over the weekend, she told me about a New York Times article on Eco-Moms. This is a woman who reads the NYT stem to stern every day, so she always has a relevant article to refer to someone. She has become, for me, The Friend of Record.

Is this the new manifestation of a mom demographic, like soccer moms and security moms? Or is it a genuine movement that will bring not only the attention of American politicians, but also real change in environmental policy?

The article really doesn't have anything new to say about moms who are environmentally conscious, and it kind of made some of the women involved seem kind of dumb -- towards the end of the article one mom relates being taken to task for all of the un-eco (in-eco? Dys-eco?) things around her home (the SUV in the driveway was a no-brainer for these task-takers). The woman being taken to task took it all with a grain of salt, but I'd be like, "back up, beyotch." And, of course, I'm never, never, like that with other moms...

If you think it's eco, but it's's Chiffon.

Got the "it's not nice to fool mother nature" Chiffon Margerine TV ad pic from Dan Threlkeld's Web Site
If you need a refresher, the ad is (of course) on YouTube.
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