Friday, March 07, 2008

Diva Cup A-Go-Go (Spoiler Boy Alert -- There Will Be Blood)

The worst has finally happened; during this last cycle I didn't insert the Diva Cup correctly, and it leaked like a jack rabbit all over me while filling in at work on Wednesday. The day was not going well, as it was, so to run to the bathroom and discover a menstrual explosion was definitely not the pinnacle. I cleaned up as best I could -- thank goodness it did not leak too noticeably on my skirt -- being of a brightly hued and loudly patterned synthetic it did not show up at all.

Here's a tip: Follow the directions that come with your Diva Cup, that's what I say. When I "live-blogged" the Diva Cup for a recent post, I mentioned the "pop" feeling I get when it unfolds into position. Well, you're really supposed to twist the darn thing this way and that to make sure it unfolds into place. Of course, I cannot be bothered with such formalities, hence the accident spoken of earlier.
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