Monday, January 28, 2008

Live Blogging the Diva Cup*

9:52 am -- making bowl of cereal, feel weird "pop" as Diva Cup unfolds fully into position
8:43 am -- ahh, that's better; twist Diva Cup to make sure it is positioned properly and move on!
8:42:30 am -- try to stand up, realize I've positioned it wrong, yow; sit back down
8:42 am -- insert Diva Cup
8:41 am -- remove Diva Cup from its protective and cute drawstring bag
8:37 am -- fish Diva Cup out of underwear drawer
8:32 am -- Spotting getting worse, realize Aunt Flo has arrived

*Okay, I didn't really live blog the Diva Cup (I don't actually think that would be possible, even given modern technology). I've always wanted to say "live blogging" about something.
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