Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Environmental Initiatives at Disney Responds

Got a phone call this afternoon from a nice lady at Environmental Initiatives at Disney in Orlando, who apologized for not getting in touch sooner because of delays in the mail system they have at Disney. Having to bring the mail from the mainland to Tom Sawyer Island requires the use of a raft, so inevitably things can slow down in receiving news, such as that of our arrival. As I mentioned in the original post, it was not much notice and "The Hammock" factor also came into play.

It was a very pleasant conversation, and she just seemed like a super person who was enthusiastic to send all sorts of information about what they're doing to keep it real at Disney, environmentally. I look forward to receiving said packet of information.

She stated they were doing a major revamp of all of the resorts to be more energy efficient. I did notice that the bulbs in our room were CFL's. She also said they do things like have housekeeping recycle plastic bottles, cans, and papers. I am so glad we tipped our housekeeper well for her troubles, especially since she has to recycle our crap in addition to cleaning up after us.

Another thing they do at Disney, and I had kind of forgotten this until our current visit, is that they will refrain from changing your towels unless you throw them on the floor (ostensibly to indicate your done-ness with said item). So, if you hang your towels to dry after showering during your visit, you can save energy and the housekeeper's time. They also state in their room literature that they change the sheets every four days during an individual visit, unless otherwise directed.

Got the photo from The Tom Sawyer's Island Appreciation Page
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